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Watches and sunsets,
and rooster crows,
I'll store them away,
So I'll never know,
The meaning of lateness,
The turn of the tide,
The melting of seconds,
With death at my side,
How the clock strikes midnight,
And the fairy tale ends,
Why good times fly,
Before reality sets in,
So I'll hide time up high,
In my cupboard of fears,
Next to risks and chance,
And uncomely years,
As years pass me by,
While I'm unaware,
Maybe I'll forget,
My gift up there
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My Literacy
Every school has its alleged bookworm, and I was definitely dubbed as such starting at a very young age.  If you can imagine the scrawny kid in the hallway trying (and failing) to master the art of walking and reading at the same time, with the oversized glasses, than you have a good idea of what I was like.  Except I wasn’t fortunate enough to get glasses until 5th grade, so I had the joy of being extra strange by carrying around a magnifying glass with me.  To be blunt, I was a very odd child.  I was quiet and timid.  While I didn’t want to volunteer myself for anything, I was always secretly crossing my fingers, hoping the teachers would call on me-especially if it involved reading out loud.  
Writing was something I fell in love with as my passion for reading developed.  I wanted to read anything and everything, almost as if conducting my own little scavenger hunts for new styles and ideas.  T
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Oh Nine by maplekokob Oh Nine :iconmaplekokob:maplekokob 1 5
Pack Rat
Have you ever walked into a house with seemingly useless, excessive amounts of stuff almost pouring out of the windows?  For a second you might miscalculate their accumulation of "things" as a sign of considerable wealth-like the obnoxious child of a movie star who already has more cars to his name than years.  At a second glance, however, you realize none of this overflow of items is really "worth" anything...except to the one person who thinks it is worth everything...
This is how I feel about my time spent with you.  I am an emotional pack-ratter, drowning in a million memories of us.  IN the files and folders of my memory, one will find endless photos of silly faces, whispered secrets, warm embraces, and even pointless bickering.  These "things"...I can't seem to let them go.  My mind tells me it can barely contain all of the remembrances that I hold so dear, but my heart eagerly forces room for more.
Maybe I am sca
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A Month
Here I am,
Remembering the past 24 hours,
As the sun dipped and rose,
And now sinks again,
Allowing unprecedented moments,
Of ecstasy,
And passion,
To claim a part of my heart,
My memory,
And my soul,
Timeless moments of joy,
Blanketed with affection,
A now,
With waiting,
Remembering every kiss,
A sweet attempt of togetherness,
Hoping our current closeness,
Will carry me through the months,
Of waiting,
And thinking of you...
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When space is defaced,
In the art of the chase,
And all lines are erased,
So as to ace the case,
This vase we raise,
Throughout the maze,
To shift the gaze,
From this pointless phase,
But in the case,
That this quickened pace,
Has laced the base,
With fears untraced,
We should taste the blaze,
Of the invisible race,
That's been misplaced,
In this state of craze.
:iconmaplekokob:maplekokob 0 2
Signs that Speak
On a pleasant, sunny Sunday afternoon, following days of chill rains, there was a small lady, dragging a large sign made of white poster board.  She was about thirty years old, with dark brunette hair and blue eyes that darted nervously back and forth.  She had a timid face speckled with freckles and carried the massive poster glued to a flimsy piece of wood.  The sign spelled out “PEACE NOT WAR” with big, bold, black letters.  It was more like a wall to hide behind seeing as it was over half her size.  Nevertheless, she looked absolutely ridiculous.  This story, however, is about the sign, which has a whole lot more to tell than a protest against the War in Iraq.  As the sign skidded carelessly across the worn, cracked sidewalk, it could not help but to question its purpose as it took in the mountain city life surrounding it.  
The air was warm and full of excitement while the cement underneath w
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Teddy by maplekokob Teddy :iconmaplekokob:maplekokob 2 4 Sleepy Head by maplekokob Sleepy Head :iconmaplekokob:maplekokob 0 0 Birthday Blossom by maplekokob Birthday Blossom :iconmaplekokob:maplekokob 0 0 The Remedy by maplekokob The Remedy :iconmaplekokob:maplekokob 0 0
Window World
Slanted blinds hint and hide,
About the wonders just outside,
Rain stained windows, sun sprayed cracks,
Leak the secrets painted black,
The wind shutters, the shutters race,
To the face the space misplaced,
A place somewhere beneath the sun,
Where strangers mingle, and lovers run,
And in this world outside our pane,
The pain we seek is plainly stained,
With tints of childhood rainbow games,
Traded in for charcoaled fame,
Which in the end is nothing more,
Than a grave dug down to Hell’s own door,
But up above there is a chance,
That we may have but one more glance,
To peer out through those slanted blinds,
That tilts our world to change our mind,
About the wonders wandering just outside,
The opened windows of our mind’s eye.
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Words of an Angel
Eraser shavings and pencil smears,
Are all that's left of unwritten fears,
Say it once, scratch through twice,
White out the marks molded thrice,
Fingers curl and the words hide,
Behind the waves that won't confide,
Waves of hope, waves of pain,
Waves that love to love to feign,
Braided threads, dye and wind,
Like we die each day inside,
Winding together, tearing apart,
Every beat of every heart,
Red tear drops stain the page,
With blood for love of the sage,
Frozen nails dig through the cracks,
Fighting back what emotions lack,
For the final time the angel cries,
Those crimsons tears that never lie,
The drops that rise instead of fall,
Drops that are the words of all...
:iconmaplekokob:maplekokob 3 2
A Love Song... by maplekokob A Love Song... :iconmaplekokob:maplekokob 2 9 Time of Your Life by maplekokob Time of Your Life :iconmaplekokob:maplekokob 3 24 Home of the Susquehanna by maplekokob Home of the Susquehanna :iconmaplekokob:maplekokob 1 0
Here's some of my more recent pieces! Hope you like them and go on to explore the rest of my deviations!

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My favorites are absolutely AMAZING! Enjoy and favorite as well!



~Autumn Nicole Byers~
United States
My name is Autumn and I am the proud mother of a beautiful baby boy, Aiden Conner.

Current Residence: Raleigh NC
Favourite genre of music: Acoustic soft rock, instrumental, and foreign.
Favourite style of art: Love B/W photography, theatre, and novels
Favourite cartoon character: The Peanuts. In general. And the original Hundred Acre Woods characters.
Personal Quote: When the world stops spinning, I hope to see a smile on your face...


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